Man says handy man threatens life over payment

NORCROSS - A Norcross man told police a man is threatening to kill him because he wasn't paid for recent handy work.

The 31-year-old victim said he hired a subcontractor identified only as "Melvin" who then hired another man to perform the work. The victim paid Melvin for the services, but Melvin failed to pay the man he hired, which sent him into a rage, the victim told police.

In two February phone calls, the allegedly unpaid man called the victim and threatened his life if he did not get his money.

The man said his wife also heard the latest threat, which was made over a speaker phone. A responding officer informed the victim how to get a protective order.

Men thwart carjacking

LILBURN - A Lilburn man told police a man jumped in his running vehicle and tried to drive away, before another man blocked his path.

The victim described the would-be thief as a 17-year-old black man. The attempted carjacking took place Saturday at the Brentwood Downs Apartments in Lilburn, the man said.

The 31-year-old victim told police the man jumped in his driver's seat and attempted to drive away, until a friend block his path with another vehicle. The suspect fled on foot, but left his blue baseball cap in the vehicle, according to a police report.

Woman says man who stole phone threatening her

NORCROSS - A Norcross woman recently told police a man who stole her fiance's cell phone is threatening to kill her.

The 23-year-old woman said her fiance's cell phone was stolen two weeks ago. She had the service canceled, but kept the number, as the phone was used for business, she said.

She told police she had received three voice messages from a man named Lee or Lou on Friday who threatened to shoot her in the head if he didn't get his cell phone back. The man went on to say he's seen her walking around her Norcross apartment complex and knows where she lives, according to a police report.