Berkeley Lake geese gather cash for Relay

LAWRENCEVILLE - In Berkeley Lake, even the mayor got goosed.

That is, Mayor Lois Salter woke up one morning to see 12 realistic-looking geese in her front lawn.

She called it a gaggle. Ellen Lee called it a fundraiser.

The co-captain of the Relay for Life team Berkeley Lake Lifesavers said the idea for goosing city residents came to her after another team member mentioned that in her hometown, people would put toilets in residents' front lawns - then remove them for a fee.

But toilets are heavy, Lee said, and difficult to move. A dozen geese from the Bass Pro Shop was much easier.

The fundraiser has been going on for two or three weeks, she said, and the team intends to keep goosing people until the May 10 Relay for Life.

"We were trying to figure out a new way to raise money and we all love geese around here," Lee said. "Most people we've done it to have been very good sports."

Lee said she is charging $15 to collect the geese after they've arrived on a lawn, but most people are willing to pay more. By the middle of the week, Lee's team had collected $250. She said their goal is to raise between $800 and $1,000.

The geese arrived with a sign that says "You've been goosed," a description of the project and Lee's phone number for removal.

Don't want the geese on your lawn? The team is also selling goose insurance that will ensure the fowl don't land.

"We're not holding the neighborhood hostage," Lee said. "We're just trying to raise money for a good cause."