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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

Woman finds curse word carved on car

LAWRENCEVILLE - A Lawrenceville woman told police last week her child's father may have carved a curse word into the driver's side door of her vehicle.

The 31-year-old woman called Gwinnett police to her Hillary Lane home to report a single profane word had been carved into the side of her car.

The woman said her son's father had recently visited to pick up the child. He could be behind the damage, she told police.

Police Taser man fleeing bar

LAWRENCEVILLE - Police Tasered a Lawrenceville man who allegedly fled after police questioned him outside a Duluth bar.

Police spotted the man trying to pull open a car door outside a bar and restaurant in the 3500 block of Sweetwater Road.

The 31-year-old man fled through an open fence, across a Goodwill parking lot and into the Sweetwater Glen Apartment complex, according to a police report.

He then tripped down a large hill - followed by an officer who also tripped. When the man got up and again started running, the officer Tasered him, the report says.

Medical personnel removed the Taser's dart from the man at the scene. He was then arrested for loitering and prowling and obstruction law enforcement.