Olympic flame arrives in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina is billing Friday's Olympic torch run as an easygoing street fiesta, set to a tango beat.

But officials are worried enough about anti-China protests to mobilize thousands of police officers after torch runs in other cities caused chaos, and protesters warned of a Buenos Aires 'surprise.'

The Olympic flame arrived Thursday under heavy security from San Francisco, where police cut the torch's route in half and sent the flame far away from demonstrators, disappointing many who had gathered to see it.

China reverses plan to reopen Tibet to tourism

BEIJING - Chinese authorities jittery about protests during the Mount Everest leg of the Olympic torch relay have abruptly reversed a decision to reopen Tibet to foreign tourists.

Foreigners have not received permits to visit the Himalayan region since deadly anti-government riots broke out in the capital, Lhasa. Tourism authorities announced last week that foreign tour groups would be allowed in on May 1, the start of a three-day national holiday.

Tour operators said Thursday, however, that the Tibetan Tourism Bureau told them this week to stop arranging trips for foreigners. They said the bureau cited the need for safe passage for the torch relay to the summit of Everest, as well as continuing safety concerns in Lhasa.

Nepal votes in historic election

KATMANDU, Nepal - Nepalis embraced the country's return to democracy Thursday with millions voting in an election meant to secure lasting peace in a land riven by communist insurgents and an autocratic king.

Undeterred by shootings and clashes that killed two people, many voters lined up before sunrise outside polling stations across this Himalayan land. Some even broke into applause when voting began.

Wind blows baby carriage in front of train

MOEHLIN, Switzerland - A baby whose carriage was blown by the wind onto railroad tracks and run over by a train survived with little more than a bump, police said Thursday.

The 6-month-old was sitting in the buggy when a strong gust of wind blew it off the platform and into the path of an oncoming train, said Bernhard Graser of the Aargau cantonal (state) police.

'The train went over the child but luckily it had fallen between the rails,' he said.