Braselton police seize $146,845 in traffic stop on I-85

BRASELTON - Braselton police seized $146,845 in U.S. currency during a traffic stop just after midnight Saturday.

The officer stopped the car on Interstate 85 because the car was coasting and the license plate was obscured, according to a police report.

The driver, who had a Georgia driver's license, told the police officer he had flown to Virginia to purchase the car and was driving it to Texas, according to the report. The officer wrote in his report that the driver showed signs of deception while talking to him, so he asked to search the car.

A police dog alerted on the passenger floorboard. The officer found several heat-sealed bags full of currency in both floorboards, according to the report. An examination of the driver's cell phone revealed a picture of the driver holding a large block of a green, leafy substance, according to the report.

The driver told police he was unaware of the currency in the car. The driver signed a waiver for the money and was released.

When a police department seizes money, they turn it over to the Department of Justice in Atlanta, said Braselton Assistant Chief Lou Solis. The case is then evaluated by officials in Washington, D.C.

"We've given back money twice in the past year and a half," Solis said.