CID reaches new agreement with county on U.S. 78 patrols

SNELLVILLE - Officials have reached a new agreement to make sure the streets of the Evermore Community Improvement District are safe.

Since the CID was created in 2003, the consortium of business owners has paid off-duty police officers for extra patrols of the corridor, which stretches from Snellville to Stone Mountain along U.S. Highway 78.

The arrangement was similar to churches, which pay cops to direct traffic before and after services, said Brett Harrell, the CID's executive director.

But starting soon, the patrols will be conducted by on-duty officers, with the CID still picking up the tab.

Commissioners signed off on an agreement related to the patrols Tuesday.

"Since the CIDs are quasi-government, it made more sense to have an intergovernmental agreement," Harrell said. "It's a little more expensive, but it's marginal."

Harrell said the deal also allows the county to back the insurance and liability of the officers instead of the business owners.

The deal is identical to one recently reached with the Gwinnett Village CID, which is based in the Jimmy Carter/Beaver Ruin area between Lilburn and Norcross. Gwinnett's third CID, which is in the Gwinnett Place community, does not have an agreement on patrols, since many business owners, including the mall, already pay for private security, Harrell said.

In Evermore, the patrols will be coordinated between the CID office and Gwinnett County Police Department's southside precinct.