Nester's Needs: Egg-related gadgets go over easy in the kitchen

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner at Kyma, a Greek restaurant in Atlanta. The meal was exceptional, but one dish stood out as a bit odd. Not for the flavors or the ingredients, but because of how it was served.

This curious dish, called Avgolemono, was a thin, lemony soup presented in a fragile, open-topped egg shell. Soup, served in an egg shell. Of course, I talked to my waitress extensively about the weirdness of the dish, asking how they pop the top of the shell just so. She explained there is this thing called, appropriately, an egg topper.

My egg curiosity was hatched, and I wondered what other types of egg tools were on the market. Turns out, there's a coop-full.

To imitate Kyma in your own kitchen, you'll need this egg topper contraption, and The RSVP Endurance topper is a top choice. Made from stainless steel, the gadget removes the tapered tip of a soft-boiled egg in one quick motion, without a crack. Put the topper on the egg, squeeze the handle and a circle of teeth pierce and twist the shell to separate the top. The RSVP Endurance Egg Topper retails for $4.99 at kitchen and retail stores.

When it comes to making angel food cake, the Pedrini egg separator is a savior. This tool separates the yolks from the whites, and is practically foolproof. Crack the raw egg onto the base, and the yolk stays put in the basin, while the whites run out of the two side slits into the bowl. The tool features a nonslip loop for easy hanging storage, and is dishwasher-safe. Retailing for $9.99, it is sold at home stores.

Some days, a good, old-fashioned poached egg is better than a fancy-pants egg entree. For days like this, the Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster is ideal. This all-in-one tool cooks all the components of a great breakfast in one swoop. Two eggs are cooked up in four minutes, while the adjoining toaster browns a few slices of bread or an English muffin at the same time. A warming tray is included to keep foods fresh until it's meal time. Retailing for $59.99, the cooker is sold at Wal-Mart, Target and area home stores.

It's not that scrambling an egg is difficult, it's just that sometimes, you feel a little lazy. The Afternoon's Micro Egg Cooking Cup can help. This gadget can be used to cook eggs in a variety of ways, from scrambled and soft-boiled to Benedict and Coquotte. Crack the egg into the cup, snap the lid into place, heat according to the instructions for specific styles and voila - breakfast is served. The egg cooking cup retails for $6.95 at home stores and on the Internet at Amazon.com.

Staff writer Anna Ferguson is trying to outfit her new but bare kitchen. She can be reached at 770-963-9205, ext. 1308 or at anna.ferguson@gwinnettdailypost.com.