Letters to the editor

Critics right to question Petraeus

Ernest Wade has waded in on the Democrats again, calling them cowards for criticizing Gen. David Petraeus' appraisal of how the war was going in Iraq ("Political questioning of Petraeus is 'traitorous,'" To the Editor, Sept. 18).

Actually, attacks on the general personally were few and far between. There were plenty of questions from both sides of the aisle as to the accuracy of his report and referrals to similar appraisals from other generals over the past three years.

I think it would be accurate to say that Petraeus is respected and admired by most people. After all, he is a soldier who is only attempting to carry out a mission that was assigned to him by the president.

On the other hand, it was he who was there to present the government's case and therefore should be expected to receive fire from both friendly and not-so-friendly sources.

Wade is a little too quick on the trigger to call those who oppose the war cowards. He cites the fact that he served in the military gives him this right. I too served in World War II, and I say it doesn't. No more right than my calling him a warmonger.

In the midst of all the name-calling and finger-pointing, one fact remains indisputable: The American public has been awash in a sea of lies from the outset of this "rescue mission" gone awry and has every right to question anybody who advocates its continuation.

- George Morin


Wal-Mart doesn't belong in Duluth

Everyone, unless you live in a cave, is aware of the services Wal-Mart provides in any given community ("Wal-Mart has always been a good neighbor," Steve Cauley, Perspective, Sept. 16).

I am not against the existence of Wal-Mart. In this case, there is already a store in Duluth and one nearby in Suwanee. Our community is the wrong community for a Wal-Mart. A store does not belong in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Shame on Duluth's decision makers. As far as the taxes paid to the county, great, but what about the majority of their merchandise being made in China?

That is a lot of jobs being taken away from American citizens.

- Patricia Miller