Sweet tea is the South's fine wine

Ronda Rich's sweet tea column ("Sweet tea has always been the nectar of the South," Family & Spirit, Sept. 8) was a very refreshing read. As I have traveled over the country, I have found the same response when dining out: "We don't have sweet tea."

In kindness, they proceed to tell you there is sugar on the table. Any true Southerner knows that you cannot sweeten cold tea. Once, while I was in Connecticut with my daughter, I asked for sweet tea just to see what kind of response I would receive. The answer was: "The cups and hot water are over by the wall."

Of course this dear, deprived Southerner meant hot tea. So I have learned to ask for water if there is no sweet tea.

Nectar of the South is a good name for sweet tea, but I love to refer to it as "house wine of the South."