Ivy Creek remembers 9/11, honors heroes

BUFORD - More than 600 people on Tuesday attended Ivy Creek Elementary School's annual Patriot Day celebration, developed to honor the heroes who have served the country and community.

Members of the military, firefighters, police officers and teachers were recognized for their roles in making this a "safe, strong and enduring country," Ivy Creek Principal Yvonne Frey said.

"This evening is for you and for what you do every day," Frey said. "I remember exactly where I was six years ago. ... That day was one of the worst days in this country's history, but our enemies did not succeed. Our country became stronger."

The event featured performances by Jones Middle School's wind ensemble and the Patriot Choir of North Georgia College and State University. Ivy Creek's students also took the stage, with each grade level singing a patriotic song.

Denise Golden, a Buford resident, said she thought it was a "great event for the children."

Golden also came to honor her relatives who have served in the military, including her father, her sister and her nephew.

Fourth-grader Sarah Wertz said she enjoyed the event.

"Today (six years ago), a crazy man flew planes into the Twin Towers," Sarah said, recalling some of the things she learned about the Sept. 11 attacks. "People on a plane (United Flight 93) risked their own lives to save the rest of ours."

Lester Robinson, who was working on Long Island when the 2001 attacks took place, agreed the program was a good way to teach children about the attacks and about patriotism.

Robinson, who lost a couple of high school friends in the attacks, said he remembers how New York locked down on that day and how the dust from the falling towers reached Long Island.

"We need to let people remember so we can let people know we will never let this happen again," he said.