Barrow Police Reports

Copper taken from Auburn home

AUBURN - Auburn police narrowly missed catching an alleged copper thief on Saturday, according to police reports.

Officers were called to a home under construction on Augustine Drive. A resident said he had seen a white man with long light brown/blondish hair cut copper wire out of the home, then retreat into the woods a few moments earlier.

Police checked the area, but found no one. The copper wire was estimated to be worth about $350.

Men found taking items from Braselton construction sites

BRASELTON - Braselton police discovered two men driving around a Fisk Falls Drive construction site taking items on Tuesday.

The men told the officer they were taking scrap items. The officer found a shower/tub combination and fencing in the men's pickup truck that did not look like scrap, police reports state.

Neither man had a driver's license, so police put a hold on the truck. The men were dropped off at a shopping center, because officers did not know if the items were stolen or not, police reports state.