Nevada landscape reveals little in search for Fossett

n MINDEN, Nev.- High above a landscape of canyons and shadows, veteran pilot Jim Herd sees a tiny flash on a mountainside. A mirror? A piece of wreckage?

A closer look reveals a prospector's small mine, the reflection most likely coming from metal fencing or some broken glass.

It was just another false alarm during a week of mysteries and dashed hopes in the search for millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett.

The other-worldly terrain of northwestern Nevada has bedeviled the many search crews who have been hunting around the clock since the 63-year-old aviator disappeared on Monday after setting out in a single-engine plane.

Pilot dies in Va. stunt plane crash

n NORFOLK, Va. - The pilot of a civilian World War II stunt plane died Friday after the plane crashed during a practice run just hours before an air show, officials said.

Jan Wildbergh, the flight leader with the Skytypers Air Show Team, died following the crash at the Oceana Naval Air Station, team sponsor GEICO insurance company said in a statement.

Larry Arken, deputy squadron commander of the nine-pilot, six-plane team, said earlier that the pilots had just finished rehearsing their routine at the Virginia Beach base and were coming in for a landing when the No. 6 plane, the last in the formation, crashed.

N.J. Dems demand colleagues resign over bribery probe

n TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine called for the resignations of two state lawmakers Friday, a day after the two men were among 11 public officials arrested on bribery charges.

Assemblymen Mims Hackett Jr. and Alfred Steele, both Democrats, should leave their elected posts by Sunday in light of the charges and the sweeping corruption probe, Corzine and other top Democratic leaders said in a news release.

Neither Hackett nor Steele immediately responded to the statement.

Undaunted rescuers find missing woman

n BAKER CITY, Ore. - Two weeks after Doris Anderson disappeared while on a hunting trip with her husband, the 76-year-old lay next to a creek surrounded by thick brush, alone and with no food or supplies.

Rescue teams had been through the mountainous area but found no sign of her. Knowing that she was only lightly clothed in temperatures that had dipped into the 30s at night, they had scaled back the search nearly a week earlier.

NYC cab drivers end strike despite no tangible gains

n NEW YORK - A two-day taxi strike that thinned the vast yellow fleet but caused limited disruptions ended before dawn Friday with no tangible gains for the drivers who idled their cabs.

Hundreds and probably thousands of drivers stopped working Wednesday to protest new city rules requiring all taxis to be fitted with new technology, including credit card machines and global positioning systems that will track where the cabbies drive.

The rules - decried by some drivers as both costly and an invasion of privacy - remained in place as the strike ended, and city officials dismissed any notion that they might be reversed.

Ex-Duke lacrosse prosecutor goes to jail for contempt

n DURHAM, N.C. - In perhaps his lowest point of the Duke lacrosse debacle, former prosecutor Mike Nifong walked into jail to serve a 24-hour contempt sentence on Friday, soon after it was revealed that the three players he falsely accused of rape are seeking $30 million from the city.

Nifong arrived about 20 minutes before his 9 a.m. deadline to report to jail, surrounded by about 20 supporters and family members. They formed a protective cluster to walk Nifong into the building, with supporters at the front carrying signs that read, 'We believe in your integrity and goodness.'

San Diego diocese to settle 144 claims of clergy abuse

n SAN DIEGO - The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego agreed Friday to pay nearly $200 million to 144 people who say they were sexually abused by clergy members, the second-largest payment since the U.S. abuse scandal erupted five years ago.

The $198.1 million agreement capped more than four years of negotiations in state and federal courts and came six months after the diocese filed for bankruptcy protection just hours before the first of 42 lawsuits was scheduled for trial.