Film Fans: 'Balls of Fury' can't top 'Dodgeball'

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2 stars out of four

"Balls of Fury" is a film full of very funny, random moments that seem almost accidental. It is the story of a former pingpong star who has to go underground in the "illegal" world of competitive pingpong to help the FBI catch the notorious crime lord Feng, played by Christopher Walken. George Lopez plays FBI agent Ernie Rodriquez with his usual straight-man comedy. The overall humor of the play, however, just isn't up to the level of similar movies, like "Dodgeball." Regardless of the few laughable lines, I found myself just wanting more cowbell.

- Jackie Hamilton, Duluth

1 1/2 stars out of four

The risky thing about making comedies like "Balls of Fury" is that they are either completely hilarious or completely stupid. It's either hit or miss with quirky comedies. I'm certain that Rogue Pictures marketing team was hoping to capitalize on the success of other sports spoofs like "Talladega Nights" and "Dodgeball," but the difference is those movie were both well-written and well-performed. "Balls of Fury" is neither. It relied entirely too much on physical and crude humor without some much as a modicum of subtlety. It's way over the top, and not in a good way.

- Pedro E. Alvarado, Lawrenceville

2 stars out of four

First, no one in this movie will win any awards for their performance. This was a completely silly movie that had more plot holes than Swiss cheese. It ripped off "Dodgeball" for its plot, but if you put that aside, it does have its funny moments. It combines kung fu with pingpong to come up with some very funny scenes. I liked Christopher Walken's line, "What about sudden death did you not understand?" This is definitely a summer popcorn movie. If you have nothing else to do, see it.

- Chris Weinert, Lawrenceville