Smell from septic tank unpleasant

Q: It rained a lot recently, and we could smell our septic tank. When I had it pumped, the workers said the rain causing the smell is a pretty typical problem and that we could use a vent to send the smell away. How do we do that?

A: As you know, a septic tank is nothing more than a large container that holds waste matter. As the waste in the tank reaches a certain level it drains into a system of rock-filled trenches known as a leach field. During heavy rains the entire system can fill with water at which point the septic system can't do its job. The backup of waste can become quite smelly, to say the least.

The excessive smell that occurs at ground level and seeps into your home can be ducted away with a 2- or 3-inch plastic pipe. Here is what to do:

' One end of the pipe should be within the septic tank and very near the top.

' The other end of the pipe should exhaust above the roof of your home.

' From the tank, travel underground to a part of your home where the pipe can be hidden within a wall and through the attic and out through the roof. You may want to have this done by a professional.