Gwinnett Place CID discusses redevelopment boundaries

DULUTH - The boundaries of a new redevelopment plan in Gwinnett Place were a hot topic Wednesday afternoon as members of a committee created to herald that plan questioned how far the lines should go.

The Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District is formulating a redevelopment overlay district that will offer incentives to developers who provide additional greenspace or roads according to a predetermined plan.

But while members want to see the whole area changed, some questioned if their power would be diluted the further from their boundaries they went.

"If you get too far outside, you no longer speak as a constituency for the area," Planning Director Steve Logan said.

Members discussed shared parking structures, tree banks and allowing increased density as they tried to determine preliminary details of the plan, which should be ready to go before the county's Board of Commissioners in March.

Regardless of the boundaries, CID director Joe Allen said he thinks changes in the district could be sparks to re-energize the entire community.

"I want something that's winnable to this area," Allen said. "The CID is the catalyst that can make it happen."

The Gwinnett Village CID, to the south, is also working on a redevelopment plan that its board is due to pass later this month.