About 60 elementary students need TB tests
Student at Rebecca Minor has suspected case of disease

LILBURN - About 60 students at Rebecca Minor Elementary School must be tested for tuberculosis, as a student at the school has had positive reactions to tests for the disease, officials said Friday.

County health officials have identified 62 students and three staff members who must be tested for the airborne disease, school district officials said in a news release. Skin tests will be offered to those people Tuesday at the school.

Officials said they did not know the age of the student with the suspected case. The number of people who must be tested is small because students at Minor do not change classes, which means fewer people were in close, continuous contact with the student, said Vernon Goins, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Health Department.

The student has had positive results to a skin test and a chest X-ray, Goins said. Sputum tests have not been completed, so the diagnosis is not definitive, he said.

Although no one is receiving treatment for tuberculosis, the tests will determine if anyone needs treatment, Goins said.

Health officials will return Friday to Minor Elementary to read the results of the skin tests, he said. Anyone with a positive reaction will undergo follow-up testing, while those with negative reactions will have to submit to another skin test in eight to 10 weeks.

Testing can be done through a private physician, but the results must be reported to the Health Department.