Lawrenceville's Delmar Gardens wins Business and Aging Award

LAWRENCEVILLE - An independent and assisted living facility in Lawrenceville has recently been honored as one of metro Atlanta's top age-related businesses.

Delmar Gardens of Gwinnett was chosen by the Atlanta Regional Commission as one of this year's Business and Aging Award recipients. The award recognizes public-private partnerships that help improve the quality of life for older adults in the region.

"It's good business to work with the aging network, serve seniors and help them maintain their quality of life," said Maureen Kelly, business and community liaison for the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Delmar Gardens received the honor for being a leading partner with Gwinnett County Senior Services, but Jennifer Thilo, the facility's executive director, said the center does a lot of other work to keep its seniors active as well.

Thilo said senior citizens at her facility will do things such as bake, make decorations and make costumes for fundraisers, as well as volunteer at local schools.

"One of my biggest beliefs is elders shouldn't be pushed aside," Thilo said. "They should continue to be a part of the community they live in."

"We're always thinking of ways to be more involved in the community," Thilo added.

Delmar Gardens will be recognized at the Atlanta Regional Commission's annual State of the Region Breakfast on Nov. 8.