To the editor: Use 'dirty' water from other tasks to quench plants

I have heard all about the complete watering ban but haven't heard much about alternate ways to conserve water and even put to use "dirty" water for watering plants considering the complete watering ban. Why not share some other important reminders and ideas on ways to conserve?


' When washing fruits and veggies or even rinsing salad, I place a large bowl in the sink to catch the runoff. When the bowl gets full, I use that water to water the shrubs that were installed earlier this summer or other plants in need around the yard. You would be surprised how much water is wasted on scrubbing just four potatoes.

' Don't shave while in the shower with the water running. Either turn it off while shaving or shave after you get out using a little lotion and a sprinkle of water.

' Turn the shower water off when lathering your hair.

' You can even place a large bucket in the shower to catch the cold water while waiting for the hot water to get from the water heater to the shower and then use that water for plants as well.

These things take just a little effort and a conscious decision to go one step further. We can all find ways to keep from wasting running water or letting usable water go down the drain. You can even get your kids involved and make it a family brainstorming project on ways to conserve.