New rain no help in drought

LAWRENCEVILLE - A small amount of rain in the area has done nothing to alleviate one of the worst droughts the state has seen, a forecaster said.

National Weather Service forecaster Mike Leary said the area is still .074 inches of rain below normal for this time in October, when 2.84 inches of rainfall are expected for the month.

This week, just five hundredths of an inch fell.

"It was a pretty light event overall," Leary said. "Not for Gwinnett, it's not going to have any effect at all."

Leary said there is no chance of rain over the weekend, but a 50 percent chance of rain Monday.

Lake Lanier's level has continued to fall, to 1,056.52 feet Friday. That's more than 14 feet below its full pool level. At its lowest, Lanier was 1,052.7 feet deep in December 1981.