Global warming not a liberal cult

When I read Cal Thomas's column in which he once again disputes the existence of global warming, a condition he says is fabricated by 'liberals,' I couldn't help but wonder why the Daily Post continues to embarrass itself by publishing such drivel.

Thomas points out nine points in Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," that a British judge says are inaccurate, while a majority of the world's scientific community have no doubts that global warming and climate change are a stark reality.

Oh well, if ol' Cal can claim his conservative views on everything from religion to sexual orientation are inviolate, why not grant him the mantle of scientific guru for the ages?

Thomas says that we who are inclined to place more credence in the findings of the world's leading scientists than in his idiotic babbling are members of a 'cult.' The man actually puts a political spin on an issue whose frightening reality and potential peril becomes more and more evident every day. At least to all except Cal Thomas, who at the end of the day may wish he had a condo in Nome, Alaska.