Colbert tosses satirical hat into presidential race

NEW YORK - Stephen Colbert has announced his candidacy for president on 'The Colbert Report,' tossing his satirical hat into the ring of an already crowded race.

Exactly how far the mock conservative pundit planned to stretch his impression of a presidential candidate wasn't clear. Colbert rarely breaks character on camera.

Lucas planning 'Star Wars' show

LOS ANGELES - The Force may soon be coming to a television near you. George Lucas is planning a live-action television series spinoff of the 'Star Wars' film franchise. Lucas told The Los Angeles Times he has 'just begun work' on the series.

Winfrey reveals thyroid struggles

NEW YORK - Oprah Winfrey is going public about the thyroid condition that slowed down her metabolism and caused her to gain 20 pounds.

Winfrey, 53, was feeling incredibly sluggish by the time her talk show wrapped up its season in May. She eventually discovered the problem: an out-of-balance thyroid.

Poker game led to Anderson's vows

NEW YORK - Pamela Anderson says she and Rick Salomon took their 17-year friendship to the next level during a poker game.

'I left the table and Errol (Lyon, Anderson's driver) played in my place,' the 40-year-old ex-'Baywatch' star tells OK! magazine. 'I came back to find myself $250,000 in the hole to Rick!'

So Salomon struck a flirty deal.

'Rick, being the gentleman, said he would wipe my debt if I gave him a kiss, so I have to thank Vegas for our relationship switching gears!' Anderson says in the magazine's latest issue.

Second trial date set for C-Murder

NEW ORLEANS - The rapper sometimes known as C-Murder will be tried a second time Feb. 11 on a second-degree murder charge. Corey Miller, 36, is accused in the shooting death of a 16-year-old at a Harvey nightclub in 2002.

Prosecutors drop 'Sopranos' actor's remarks from trial

NEW YORK - Key statements that "Sopranos" actor Lillo Brancato Jr. made to police will not be used against him in his trial in the fatal shooting of an off-duty police officer.

Brancato is alleged to have told investigators co-defendant Steven Armento shot the officer, though Brancato urged him not to.