Barrow teenager hospitalized after being struck by car

WINDER - A 17-year-old girl underwent surgery for head injuries Wednesday after her boyfriend ran over her with his car.

The incident appears to be an accident, police investigators said.

Winder-Barrow High School Principal Rob Johnson identified the girl as Angel Lor, a junior.

According to police reports, Eugene Heu, 18, of Winder, turned onto Rocky Point Court from Pine Rock Road in Pine Rock Subdivision at 9:26 p.m. Tuesday.

Lor was standing in the roadway as Heu turned the car onto Rocky Point Court, according to a police report.

"(She) was dressed in dark clothing and, although there was a streetlight nearby, she was actually standing in a dark part of the street when struck by the vehicle," said Winder Police Cpl. Bryant Cruse. "We do not believe that the relationship between the driver and pedestrian played any role in the cause of the accident. There is no indication that the couple had been involved in any sort of argument or dispute."

Lor remains in Gwinnett Medical Center in serious but stable condition.

"They said she will recover, but it will be a slow recovery," said Sgt. Judd Smith, spokesman for the Winder Police Department. "She was very lucky."

Police do not expect Heu to face any charges.

"The investigation is ongoing but right now it does not appear that the driver did anything wrong," said Cruse.