Southeast Gwinnett co-op asks for fund

SNELLVILLE - During Monday night's City Council meeting, Dan Yoest, representing the Southeast Gwinnett co-op, asked mayor Jerry Oberholtzer and the council to grant $20,000 to the organization. Yoest said the co-op had to exhaust its entire reserves - $24,000 - to move from a Snellville city building to a new location in Grayson.

The co-op was asked to move 14 months ago because the building it occupied was slated for demolition, which took place about a month ago.

"This (ministry) is a vital service to the city of Snellville," Yoest said. "This co-op has been fatally wounded."

Oberholtzer replied to Yoest's $20,000 request by saying the city could not give any money to the co-op, as the gift would be considered a gratuity and therefore would be inappropriate. Yoest then asked the mayor and each council member to use whatever influence and business relationships they have to help replenish the money used for the move. The mayor and council each agreed to help the co-op in any way legally possible.