The South meets the West as Confederate re-enactor Derek Sargent peers into a Western Plains tepee on display at the Elisha Winn Fair in Dacula on Saturday. The 29th annual fair sponsored by the Gwinnett Historical Society is raising money to maintain the Winn house site. It features 31 vendors from arts and crafts to food and a quilt display and historical re-enactors. The fair continues today at the Elisha Winn House on Dacula Road.

Elizabeth Izzo, 9, of Lilburn, sits on a bench in the Walnut Grove one-room school reading a book from the 1900s while wearing some period clothes her grandmother made for her while in the school that sits on the same property as the historic Elisha Winn House in Dacula. Elizabeth, who is a Girl Scout and a history buff, is working on her Colonial badge.