Dacula officials OK commercial rezoning on McMillan Road

DACULA - By a vote of 3-1 Thursday night, Dacula City Council members approved the rezoning of 3.86 acres along McMillan Road from residentia to commercial.

The applicant plans to build office/warehouse units on the property.

Several area residents attended Thursday night's public hearing to voice their opposition to the rezoning. Jeremy Cagle acted as spokesperson for most of the group.

"We're concerned about traffic, the parking lot in back and about commercial development on a residential street," Cagle told Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks and council members.

Cagle also presented the council with a petition signed by about 90 area residents who also opposed the rezoning.

"We'd like to see a strategic plan, a land-use map, so we can see where we're (the city) is going," Cagle said.

Mitzi McCloud, another resident who spoke out against the rezoning and planned project said, "We're trying to be a family-oriented place, and (the council) is not hearing us. Let's clean up Dacula before we bring anything else in."

Councilman Tim Montgomery addressed the council and the audience before the vote was called. Montgomery said that the rezoning in question was no further encroachment of commercial development, as there is already a storage business located across the street from the 3.86 acres on McMillan Road.

"We can't continue to look at business as 'evil,'" Montgomery said. "I agree that we need a long-term plan for Dacula. The growth that is coming to this area is unprecedented."

Councilman Gene Greeson cast the only vote opposing the rezoning.

City preparing to develop comprehensive plan,

land-use plan

City Administrator Jim Osborn announced Thursday night that five consultants have submitted bids to assist in development of Dacula's comprehensive plan and land-use plan.

Osborn said that the consultant who wins the bid will be chosen based on both the bid amount as well as related project experience.

Bids were opened Thursday at 3 p.m. Osborn and other city staff will review the bids and research references and project experience before making recommendations to Wilbanks and city council members.