Some workers rescued after mine collapse

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - About 3,000 miners were trapped underground Wednesday when a water pipe burst and probably caused a shaft to collapse in a South African gold mine, officials said.

Rescue workers early today evacuated the first 74 of about 3,000 miners trapped more than a mile underground, officials said. The rescue was expected to take about 10 hours.

There have been no injuries and there was no immediate danger to any workers still trapped in Harmony Gold Mining Company's Elandsrand Mine, officials said.

Myanmar troops launch roundups

YANGON, Myanmar - After crushing the democracy uprising with guns, Myanmar's junta stepped up its campaign to intimidate citizens Wednesday, sending troops to drag people from their homes in the middle of the night and letting others know they were marked for retribution.

'We have photographs! We are going to make arrests!' soldiers yelled from loudspeakers on military vehicles that patrolled the streets in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest city

Polish envoy injured in Baghdad ambush

BAGHDAD - A daring ambush of bombs and gunfire left Poland's ambassador pinned down in a burning vehicle Wednesday before being pulled to safety and airlifted in a rescue mission by the embattled security firm Blackwater USA. At least three people were killed, including a Polish bodyguard.

The attack - apparently well planned in one of Baghdad's most secure neighborhoods - raised questions about whether it sought to punish Poland for its contributions to the U.S.-led military force in Iraq. But Poland's prime minister, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said his nation would not retreat 'in the face of terrorists.'

The diplomatic convoy was hit by three bombs and then attackers opened fire in the Shiite-controlled Karradah district. Polish guards returned fire as the injured ambassador, Gen. Edward Pietrzyk, was pulled from his burning vehicle. At least 10 people, including four Polish security agents, were wounded.

Taliban burn district center in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan - Taliban militants killed two policemen and destroyed a remote government office in central Afghanistan, while five Dutch troops were wounded in a clash in the country's south, officials said Wednesday.

Dozens of militants armed with heavy weapons attacked the Ajristan district center in Ghazni province late Tuesday, burning the building and killing two policemen, Ghazni police chief Ali Shah Ahmadzai said. The remaining officers fled into a nearby village, he said.