Webb bashes property tax reform bill

NORCROSS - Mayor Lillian Webb spoke out strongly Monday night against House Bill 900, tax reform legislation sponsored by House Speaker Glenn Richardson of Hiram.

In his proposed legislation, Webb said, Richardson calls for the elimination of property taxes and most of the current sales tax exemptions, essentially eliminating local decision making authority and handing it over to the state.

"I have great concern about this," Webb said while reading from a prepared statement. "In my 34 years in government, I have yet to meet a state official that's any smarter than a local one," Webb said. "We can't afford to miss the mark in tax reform. It would take us years to recover."

Councilman Keith Shewbert echoed Webb's sentiments.

"This is a very dangerous bill," he said

Shewbert's main objection to the tax reform bill is that the school systems, particularly Gwinnett, would suffer.

"I don't think our schools need that kind of control. I think Gwinnett County is doing a fine job right now," Shewbert said.

Webb said her prepared statement would be mailed to every state representative who deals with or on behalf of Norcross, including Sen. Curt Thompson, who attended Monday night's City Council meeting.