Amish mark first anniversary of school shooting

NICKEL MINES, Pa. - Amish families sang hymns, prayed and shared a meal with state troopers and other guests on Monday to mark the first anniversary of a massacre at a one-room schoolhouse.

State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller was one of several dozen people to attend the private, noontime gathering at the home of the Ebersol family, whose daughter, Naomi Rose, was one of five girls slain in the shooting.

'It certainly means a lot for us to spend some time with the families,' Miller said afterward. 'There's no other place we would have rather been this morning.'

Also attending were community members, state troopers and officials from Virginia Tech, where a gunman killed 32 students and faculty members in April, Miller said.

Ex-girlfriend says child sex suspect was great actor

LAS VEGAS - A man suspected of sexually abusing a young girl in a videotaped assault has a history of violence and deception, a former girlfriend said in an interview broadcast Monday.

Tina Allen said Chester 'Chet' Arthur Stiles, 34, presented himself to her as a family man who she initially trusted around children, including her own grandson.

'If I could talk to him ... I would congratulate him and tell him he deserves an Emmy, a Tony, whatever awards they give out for consummate acting because he fooled us all,' Allen said on ABC's 'Good Morning America.'

Stiles, who remains at large, is suspected of being the man in a 2003 tape performing sex acts on a 3-year-old girl. Authorities last week took the unusual step of releasing images from the tape in an attempt to establish the identity of the victim.

Deputies found the girl, now 7, safe in Las Vegas.

Supreme Court declines hearing challenging sex law

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to hear a challenge to Alabama's ban on the sale of sex toys, ending a nine-year legal battle and sending a warning to store owners to clean off their shelves.

An adult-store owner had asked the justices to throw out the law as an unconstitutional intrusion into the privacy of the bedroom. But the Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal, leaving intact a lower court ruling that upheld the law.

Sherri Williams, owner of Pleasures stores in Huntsville and Decatur, said she was disappointed, but plans to sue again on First Amendment free speech grounds.

Ohio boy accused of deadly fire now with grandmother

GREENVILLE, Ohio - A judge Monday ordered that a 10-year-old boy accused of deliberately setting a fire that killed five people - including his mother and sister - be released from a juvenile detention center to the custody of his maternal grandmother.

'He's also a victim,' Darke County Juvenile Judge Michael McClurg said to a packed hearing room, referring to the deaths of family members.

He is charged with five delinquency counts of murder and one delinquency count of aggravated arson in the Sept. 16 duplex apartment fire that killed his mother, his 8-year-old sister and three other children.

Duck hunter shoots 25-pound alligator in Wisconsin river

FARMINGTON, Wis. - Ed Long thought he was shooting at a snapping turtle, but got a surprise when he pulled his trophy from the Milwaukee River: a 4-foot-long alligator.

Long had been in the river Saturday hunting for ducks.

'At first, I thought it was a turtle tail,' he said. 'The it turned and came back at me. I seen the eyes come out of the water, but my brain didn't click. This is Wisconsin. There's not supposed to be gators in Wisconsin.'

When the reptile submerged again, Long fired and stunned it. He called to his cousin, who prodded the 25-pound animal with a stick and then ran when it moved.

'We both thought nobody is going to believe us,' Long said. 'We made a decision to bring it back dead or alive, and more likely dead.'

Jury selection begins in death of pregnant woman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A woman accused of strangling a pregnant woman and cutting the baby from her womb watched in court Monday as attorneys began selecting a jury for her trial.

Prosecutors say the suspect, Lisa Montgomery, was nine months into a faked pregnancy and so desperate for a baby that she planned the December 2004 killing of 23-year-old Bobbie Jo Stinnett, who was eight months pregnant.

Montgomery is charged with kidnapping resulting in death. Prosecutors allege that Montgomery, 39, strangled Stinnett and then used a kitchen knife to cut her baby from her womb.

The baby, Victoria Jo Stinnett, survived.

Navy admiral sworn in as chairman of Joint Chiefs

FORT MYER, Va. - Navy Adm. Mike Mullen was sworn in Monday as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and pledged to make sure that the nation's military is ready to meet the challenges of the future.