Medical examiner: Man's death not result of Tasering

LAWRENCEVILLE - An investigation into the death of a Norcross man reveals a Taser played no part in how the man died, authorities said Monday.

Carlos Rodriguez, 24, died July 25 at Gwinnett Medical Center after Sheriff's deputies used a Taser to subdue him during a confrontation at the Lia Hills Drive apartment complex on Lia Hills Drive.

Authorities said Rodriguez became combative and got into a physical confrontation with authorities, which prompted the deputies to deploy their weapons.

Chief Forensic Investigator Ted Bailey previously confirmed the 27-year-old was shocked once, possibly twice by the stun gun.

In a statement released Monday, Bailey said Rodriguez died as a result of excited delirium brought on by the use of alcohol and cocaine.

"His (Rodriguez's) recent cocaine and alcohol use resulted in inappropriate behavior that prompted physical altercations and attempts at restraint," Bailey wrote in a statement. "His death resulted in stress on the heart caused by his excited delirium."

According to a press release, Rodriguez's blood alcohol content was 0.159 at the time of his death.

While Bailey said Rodriguez's inebriated state was agitated by the physical exertion of his arrest, he said an examination revealed the only injury associated with the Taser was to Rodriguez's right arm.

He said there is no evidence the use of the Taser played a direct role in Rodriguez's death.