Police accuse man of $950,000 fraud

DULUTH - Duluth police arrested a man Wednesday suspected of ripping off Western Union for more than $950,000.

Phi Duc Nguyen, 39, of Duluth, was arrested for financial transaction card fraud for using stolen credit card information to make wire transfers.

He remains at the Gwinnett County Jail without bond.

Employees at a Super H Mart on Pleasant Hill Road called police after they witnessed Nguyen using fraudulent information during a Western Union transaction, police said.

Duluth police reportedly found numerous Western Union documents in Nguyen's possession. Further investigations revealed that Western Union has suffered more than $950,000 in losses related to the case, said Duluth police spokesman Don Woodruff.

"Victims have been identified across the nation," said Woodruff. "Wire transfers were sent to Duluth as well as other destinations, including internationally."

Duluth police are working with the United States Secret Service to locate all alleged victims, said Woodruff.