Georgia Right to Life names Canton man new president

Lawrenceville-based Georgia Right to Life has a new leader.

Canton man Daniel Becker is the new president of the anti-abortion group, taking the place of Buford woman Caryl Swift, who stepped down due to health issues.

Becker was previously the organization's vice-president, and he has served as the board's political action committee director since 2000. He was elected at the group's state board meeting in September.

"Our campaign for the sanctity of life must result in our engagement on a larger battlefield that will include transgenics, cloning, designer children, destructive (in vitro fertilization) technology, unethical stem cell research and a whole host of other 'frankenscience' that assaults our human dignity and degrades human life to the level of a commodity," Becker said in a press release Monday, the day before news that an abortion foe was arrested over the weekend near the Mall of Georgia on charges that he refused to take down graphic images of aborted fetuses from the sides of a truck.

"This is the 21st century," Becker continued. "We must move to adopting a 'personhood' strategy so that the powerful and well-financed bio-technical industry does not dictate the agenda. We must call on our legislators to provide ethical parameters that encourage research in biotechnology while protecting and respecting human life at all stages of development. And at the same time, we cannot abandon the battle against abortion on demand that has resulted in the death of 50 million human lives."

Swift endorsed her successor, saying he "is intimately acquainted with our mission and our goals and has the vision for taking Georgia Right to Life to the next level."

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