Bostain's Journal 7

Things are going well since my last entry. My girlfriend was here for the holidays which was really nice for both of us and we have turned things around on the court with a four-game winning streak to get back to .500 at 7-7.

My girlfriend got here last Saturday and she got to see one of our games on the road. She got to ride the bus with us and see her first European basketball game. Then we had about a week in between games so we were able to do some traveling.

We first went to Amsterdam, where she did a lot of shopping. We tried to go inside the Anne Frank house but the line was a little too long. Then we tried to go to the Heineken factory to take a tour of the brewery and sample some beer but they were closed for renovation.

We weren't too happy about that, but we walked around the city and sampled a lot of food. We went through the red light district, this time at night, and it's a lot wilder at night time. We also got to see Holland's version of Santa Claus, which is SinterKlaas. It's very similar but it occurs on Dec. 5 and the weeks leading up to it. It's pretty much the same thing and his helpers are like elves but they paint their skin and face black. It's little weird at first. But, there was a parade going on that day in Amsterdam for SinterKlaas.

On Tuesday, we decided to go to Brussels. We had a really good time there. The first thing we did was get some Belgian waffles and they were amazing. Then we saw the famous Manneken Pis statue, which is a little boy who is peeing. Then we saw Grand Place and the Royal Palace where the royalty lives. We also got some Belgian chocolate, which is also very good. There was a lot going on Brussels and it was very neat city.

The highlight of the week was Thanksgiving day. Our coach received a gift for 20 free people to visit a spa so he took the whole team on Thanksgiving day. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but coach asked if my girlfriend wanted to come so I said yeah because I didn't want her spending Thanksgiving alone.

We didn't know exactly what we were getting into. I was thinking a nice relaxing spa where the girls can do their thing and the guys are away doing their thing. But apparenty European spas are operated a little differently. It was a very free-spirited spa where you have to wear a bath robe with nothing on under it.

The spa was very nice with about 20 different rooms you could go into like saunas, steam rooms, salt baths, outdoor pools and hot tubs, and lounge areas. But they were not separated, the rooms were for both genders. And when you entered a room you had take off your robe and just stroll in. When you opened a door there would be like 15 people in there of ALL ages just hanging out. Then outside there would be people everywhere in the pool and a few in the hot tub just swimming around and hanging out.

Plus I had my teammates and coach there so I was on the lookout everywhere we went making sure none of them were around. So that was a pretty funny experience.

The past few weeks have been a lot of fun. We have five more games then I get to come home for Christmas for a week so I am excited about that as well. This is all I have for now. De europese badplaats (European spas). Dewey.

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