Turkey tradition
Duncan Creek students take up running for Thanksgiving

HOSCHTON - There's a tradition at Duncan Creek Elementary School that ends with turkey and a number of other holiday fixings.

But the school's holiday related routine is not a Thanksgiving meal, it's a run.

For the past five years, fifth-grade students have jogged the nearly mile-long course around the Hoschton school in hopes of winning one of four Thanksgiving prizes.

Appropriately named the Turkey Trot, Camille Lynn and Dayna Alkire-Barry said their fifth-grade P.E. classes love the idea of winning an unusual purse.

A turkey, ham, pumpkin pie and bag of oranges were among the prizes handed out to first-, second-, third-, and fourth-place winners after the trot Monday.

"We do it for the kids. They love it," Lynn said. "It's a lot of fun and excitement. You get to see kids win that you wouldn't normally expect."

Alkire-Barry said the Turkey Trot was her idea and said she's included the activity in her curriculum at different schools for the past 20 years.

"I did this when I was in the seventh grade and won the Turkey Trot," Alkire-Barry said.

Parents, siblings and teachers cheered on a crowd of about 100 fifth-graders Monday afternoon as they ran to a finish line marked just behind the school.

Megan Welch took first place for the girls, winning the grand prize 23-pound turkey.

"I'm going to give it to a family who doesn't have a turkey," Megan said of her winnings.

Katherine Harrison took second place, winning a holiday ham, and Alyssa Munlyn grabbed the third-place pumpkin pie. The fourth-place bag of oranges went to Ellie Sheppard.

The first-place turkey for the boys went to Joey Kempf, who said he planned to eat his turkey on Thursday.

"I'm bringing it to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving in Indiana," he said.

Ian Miller took second place, while Rocco Amorosso placed third and Jack Giles won fourth.

In addition to the prizes and afternoon fun, Alkire-Barry said the Trot is also a way to give the students some exercise.

"It promotes fitness in a fun way," Alkire-Barry said. "It's for everybody."