Film Fans disagree on merits of 'Fred Claus'

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1 1/2 stars out of four

Perhaps you're wondering why you haven't heard of Santa's brother, Fred. Well, consider yourself lucky, because I have and I'm no better off. "Fred Claus" is a mediocre attempt to offer a new sideline chapter to the story of Santa Claus. Vince Vaughn, who plays Fred, is the same old antagonistic character he plays in just about all his movies, which, of course, makes it hard to like him. The humor in this movie is weak, the story is pointless and sometimes boring, and Santa is kind of creepy. Sorry, Fred, this one is a lost cause!

- Kenny Grams, Lawrenceville

3 stars out of four

I very much enjoyed this movie, even though it's a bit too early for a Christmas movie for me right now. The story of "Saint" Santa Claus and his Bad Boy brother Fred was entertaining. Although this will not become one of those holiday classics our future children will watch year after year, it's a good movie. The storyline was funny, but pretty predictable. The ending is somewhat of a surprise, though. It's a good, clean, funny, family-oriented movie that the whole family will enjoy. It's got some hidden family values throughout, and that's such a good thing these days, considering the other movies out there.

- Kelly Cain, Lawrenceville

1 1/2 stars out of four

The funniest thing about most Vince Vaughn films is Vince Vaughn. On the other hand, the least funny thing about other Vince Vaughn films is also Vince Vaughn. "Fred Claus," unfortunately, falls into the latter category. Keeping in mind that holiday movies are usually "family-friendly," Vaughn's delivery style doesn't change to fit this particular genre. He maintains his condescending, sarcastic tone - which doesn't typically go over well with the kids - and plays this role much like he did in "Made" (a horrible movie). So, don't waste too much money on this film, and rent it on DVD instead.

- Pedro E. Alvarado, Lawrenceville