Hama rounds up Fatah activists

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas took quick action Tuesday to shore up its control of the Gaza Strip, arresting hundreds of Fatah supporters and promising 'additional steps' against its bitter rival one day after a huge Fatah rally ended in mayhem and violence.

Hamas forces opened fire Monday as an estimated 250,000 Palestinians were beginning to leave a rally marking the third anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat. Seven civilians were killed and 85 people wounded in the worst outbreak of violence between the two Palestinian factions since Hamas overran Gaza in June, expelling pro-Fatah forces.

The carnage indicated that Hamas is prepared to use force to maintain its control of Gaza, and conversely, that large segments of the population oppose such measures.

High winds halt Russian oil cleanup

PORT KAVKAZ, Russia - Fierce winds Tuesday hampered crews struggling to clean up in the wake of a killer storm that sank at least 11 ships and split an oil tanker in two, spilling tons of petroleum in the waters near this southern Russia seaport.

Officials called the breakup of the tanker an environmental disaster for the region and warned that the 560,000 gallons of spilled fuel oil, which has killed an estimated 30,000 birds, could cause long-lasting damage to marine life.

Leading Russian environmentalists, meanwhile, said the oil spill was triggered by years of official negligence that allowed oil transport ships to use outdated and inadequate equipment.

'It's a long-expected disaster,' environmentalist Sergei Golubchikov said. 'We could lose the Black Sea if we go on this way.

Canada to probe ex-PM's dealings

TORONTO - Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper ordered a formal investigation Tuesday into dealings between former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and a businessman who's wanted in Germany on tax and fraud charges.

The move follows Mulroney's request late Monday that there be a public inquiry, saying that a wide-ranging probe is the only way to put the issue that has dogged him for years to rest.

Opposition parties demanded an investigation into allegations that German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber negotiated lobbying deals with Mulroney while he was still in office.

Woman married to gain FBI, CIA jobs WASHINGTON - A former agent for the FBI and CIA pleaded guilty Tuesday to faking a marriage to win U.S. citizenship, clearing the way to being hired and given security clearances by the two intelligence agencies.

Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, emigrated to United States from Lebanon in 1989. She was given U.S. citizenship five years later and began working as a special agent at the FBI's field office in Washington in 1999, according to a criminal information sheet filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

While working as a special agent, Prouty improperly searched an FBI computer database for information about her relatives and links they might have to the Hezbollah terrorist organization, the criminal sheet showed. She joined the CIA in 2003 and resigned as part of her guilty plea Tuesday, officials said.

Indian girl born with 8 limbs doing well

BANGALORE, India - Looking healthy and alert, an Indian girl born with four arms and four legs made her first public appearance Tuesday since surgeons removed the extra limbs nearly a week ago.

Swathed in blankets and lying on her father's lap, the bright-eyed 2-year-old known as Lakshmi appeared before reporters without the extra limbs that had led some in her rural village to revere her as an incarnation of the four-armed goddess she was named after.

Lakshmi had both of her legs in casts while her arms were free. After sitting for photographs, her parents quickly ushered her off the stage without speaking to reporters.

Myanmar officials arrest two activists

YANGON, Myanmar - Myanmar security forces have arrested two prominent anti-government activists - a Buddhist monk and a labor rights advocate, fellow dissidents said Tuesday.

News of their arrests came as U.N. human rights investigator Paulo Sergio Pinheiro was on the third day of a five-day mission to investigate human rights conditions in the wake of the government's violent crackdown on pro-democracy protests in September.

U Gambira, a Buddhist monk who helped spearhead pro-democracy demonstrations in Yangon that were crushed by the military junta, was arrested several days ago, exiled Myanmar dissidents in Thailand said.

Su Su Nway, a prominent female activist, was arrested Tuesday morning.

Ex-Khmer Rouge leader has stroke

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Khieu Samphan, the former Khmer Rouge head of state whose arrest by a U.N.-backed genocide tribunal has been widely anticipated, suffered a stroke Tuesday, said his daughter and a neighbor.

Khieu Samphan's daughter in Phnom Penh, Khieu Rattana, said she learned about her father's stroke in a call from her sister in Pailin, the former Khmer Rouge guerrilla stronghold in northwestern Cambodia where her parents live.

He was stricken just a day after two of his colleagues in the 1970s Khmer Rouge regime were arrested.