Bostain's Journal 6

Since my last entry my parents have come and gone and we have played a total of 10 games. It was really good to see my parents and I think they had a real good time. They got to see three games and they traveled to Paris for a few days.

We have hit a rough stretch in the season where we have lost four in a row. It's not the way we pictured the start but it's something we are going to have to work our way through. A lot of the other teams are real athletic with good individual play and we are team with good individual players that plays well together.

We are not as athletic as the other teams so we really have to improve on our toughness to where we can lock teams down on defense and then I think we can turn our record around. I have never started a season like this so it's going to be a new challenge to improve to a higher level to where we can be really competitive.

One of the other challenges that has come up is trying to avoid the redundancy of the daily life after practice. The first couple of weeks I was here it was a lot of naps after practice because my body hadn't quite adjusted yet. But now my body doesn't get as tired after practice so you really need to find some things to do to get out of the apartment so you don't go crazy.

So, I have begun helping out at the Talent Center, which is where they bring about 12 kids from the area and they work on their basketball skills three days a week. It was been fun showing the kids some new drills and learning some new ones as well. All the kids speak and understand English so that makes it a lot easier to communicate with them. I forget that English isn't their language sometimes and I will use some terminonlogy that they don't understand yet. But they are real good about understanding my explanations of drills.

Other than that it has been practice and games. My girlfriend will be over here Saturday so I am very excited about that. We have a couple of days off that week so we will try to do some traveling during that time. This is all I have for now. (Gelukkige Vakanties) Happy Holidays.

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