Loganville to sell off its gray water

LOGANVILLE - Councilman Ray Nunley, Loganville's Public Utilities Committee chairman, got the go-ahead Thursday night for the city to sell effluent, or gray, water to contractors and other businesses at a reduced price.

The gray water will come from the city's water treatment plant.

According to Nunley, there are several benefits to the city, including revenue generation and reduced use of water from hydrants for construction and other major projects.

Annexation moratorium lifted for stadium

Council members voted to lift the city's annexation moratorium to address a jurisdiction issue at Loganville High School.

The new high school stadium is situated outside Loganville city limits. School resource officers are required to monitor high school events at the stadium, but until Thursday's City Council action, they had no jurisdiction to do so.

The city's annexation moratorium was imposed recently to give city officials time to evaluate growth patterns, infrastructure capacity and water and utility usage, Mayor Tim Barron said.

Teresa Lane property rezoned

Approximately 1.12 acres on Teresa Lane was rezoned for commercial use Thursday night. This parcel of land will be developed as part of a 2.5-acre retail complex. According to a representative of Parke Day Properties LLC, no tenants have been secured for the retail stores, but a fast-food restaurant and other smaller retail shops are likely.

Nunley imposed a condition on the rezoning that requires soil test results to be revealed before the rezoning becomes official. An automotive repair shop was previously located on the 1.12-acre parcel. Nunley's stipulation will reveal whether the soil is contaminated before construction can begin.

A resident near the planned project asked that all possible measures be taken to mitigate traffic congestion along Teresa Lane.

Christmas parade, tree lighting planned

Betty McCullers of the Loganville Chamber of Commerce announced Thursday night that the city's Christmas parade is scheduled for

3 p.m. Dec. 1. The tree lighting will take place immediately following the parade.