2007 becomes deadliest year for U.S. troops in Iraq

BAGHDAD - The U.S. military announced six new deaths Tuesday, making 2007 the bloodiest year for American troops in Iraq despite a recent decline in casualties and a sharp drop in roadside bombings that Washington links to Iran.

With nearly two months left in the year, the annual toll is now 853 - three more than the previous worst of 850 in 2004.

But the grim milestone comes as the Pentagon points toward other encouraging signs as well - growing security in Baghdad and other former militant strongholds that could help consolidate the gains against extremists.

Judge urges resistance to emergency rule in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's deposed chief justice called on lawyers Tuesday to revolt against President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's imposition of emergency rule and a crackdown on the opposition that has left thousands under arrest.

The government considered a delay in parliamentary elections despite Western demands they be held on schedule in January to bring democracy to a nuclear-armed country dogged by political uncertainty and rising Islamic militancy.

Fragile security in the northwest - cited by officials as a reason for the suspension of the constitution - deteriorated further as pro-Taliban militants seized a town from outnumbered security forces.

50 die trying to reach Europe

MADRID, Spain - Dozens of migrants trying to reach Europe spent three weeks at sea off West Africa's coast and threw nearly 50 bodies overboard after their vessel lost power and supplies dwindled, officials said Tuesday.

The boat, which set out from Senegal with as many as 150 people and apparently traveled hundreds of miles, was found Tuesday by a Mauritanian patrol boat, a Spanish Civil Guard official said.

It was one of the highest death tolls this year among Africans trying to escape poverty and reach Europe's southern gateway.

Police arrest 20 in suspected bomb plots

MILAN, Italy - A Europe-wide sweep disrupted an Islamic cell that was recruiting potential suicide bombers for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, Italian police said Tuesday, announcing the arrests of 20 terror suspects.

Police said the suspects, mostly Tunisians, were arrested across Europe as part of the sweep against a cell based in the northern Italian region of Lombardy.