McNabb elected Bethlehem mayor

BETHLEHEM - Sandy McNabb, 49, was elected mayor of Bethlehem on Tuesday by an unofficial vote count of 34 to 5.

McNabb ran against Scott Walsh, 41.

McNabb, a stormwater coordinator for Gwinnett County, served 23 years on Bethlehem's City Council before making a run for the mayor's seat. He also served 16 years as a Bethlehem volunteer fireman.

Intelligent planned growth and infrastructure maintenance is crucial to the little town's future, McNabb said.

"We hope to finish a Unified Development Code by the end of the year so our codes will be the same as the county," McNabb said. "I hope we can get a little bigger and have more people involved in things.

McNabb has two daughters, two step-daughters and nine grandchildren.

All five City Council seats were filled unopposed. Mayor Wayne Ridgeway will step down to occupy seat 2 as a councilman.

Incumbents Beth Buchanan and Jeff Longino will take seats 1 and 5 respectively.

A second qualifying period, held because no one qualified for City Council seats 3 and 4 during the first round of qualifying, brought in Larry Jones and Scott Morgan to take seats 3 and 4 respectively.

In order to initiate staggered terms, Buchanan, Jones and Longino will serve two-year terms, instead of four, with Ridgeway, Morgan and McNabb serving four years. All future mayors and council members will serve four years after that.