Greeson, Robinson in runoff in Dacula
Montgomery wins seat by five votes

LAWRENCEVILLE - One Dacula councilman is in a runoff, while another won his race by just five votes in Tuesday's election.

Susan Robinson and Gene Greeson will face off again Dec. 4 after they were separated by just seven votes. A third candidate, Betty Hale, was six votes behind.

Greeson, the incumbent, took in 100 votes. Robinson garnered 93 and Hale had 87.

Greeson said he plans to be out campaigning again as soon as he gets off work today.

"I'm going to be out there tomorrow and start beating the bushes some more," he said Tuesday night.

Robinson also said she has a lot more campaigning to do.

"It's going to be interesting to see," she said. "It all pretty much stayed neck-and-neck most of the night."

Hale said she wasn't upset with the loss, which gave her the opportunity to bring some of her ideas into the race. At 75, though, she discounted another run.

"Most people aren't happy to get beat; I'm just as happy as can be," she said.

After losing to the incumbent, Hubert Wells Jr. also said he has no plans to mount another race. He said he has been ill, and after losing the council seat, will have the opportunity to rest.

Wells had 135 votes to Tim Montgomery's 140.

"As long as these people do a decent job, I won't have anything to run for," Wells said.

Montgomery said he was pleased with his victory, but wished both men could have been elected. He said he plans to work on a sewage plan for the city.

"I feel good," he said. "I'm real pleased."

Dacula voters also passed a redevelopment powers referendum by a 194-70 margin. Jimmy Wilbanks, the city's mayor, said it was the only clear winner in a night marked by close races.

"It's what the council requested folks do," he said.

In all, 280 people voted Tuesday.