Barrow commissioner race heads to runoff

WINDER - In heavily Republican Barrow County, the two Democrats in the race for the District 3 Board of Commissioner's chair will face each other in a Dec. 4 runoff.

Bill Healan, a 62-year-old lawyer, earned 136 votes (34 percent) to Alfonza Brown's 89 (22 percent). To win, a candidate must have 50 percent of the vote plus one.

Healan won't have to make any changes to push his campaign forward, he said.

"I'm still for open government, letting the people have a voice and let them hear the government's voice, not find out things after the fact," Healan said.

Brown holds a number of issues, all of equal importance, he said.

"I have concerns about our transportation, education, infrastructure and jobs," he said.

Steve Worley, who came in third out of six candidates with 81 votes, said he hopes to be able to involve himself in helpful projects.

"I made a good showing," Worley said. "I'm disappointed I lost, but I'm still willing to help the county."

The race brought a 7.87 percent turnout of voters, with 51 advance voters election officials said.