Grace gives birth to boy and girl

n ATLANTA - Nancy Grace is now the mother of twins, after doctors induced labor two months before her due date.

Grace, host of legal affairs talk show 'Nancy Grace' on CNN Headline News, gave birth to a boy, John David, and a girl, Lucy Elizabeth, on Sunday, said CNN spokeswoman Janine Iamunno.

Aguilera says she is pregnant

NEW YORK - Christina Aguilera says she's expecting a baby, finally confirming what has become obvious over the past few months.

The 26-year-old singer told Glamour's U.K. edition that her plans for New Year's Eve involve a new baby.

'That'll be about the time I enter into mommyhood so I'm hoping to have started a beautiful family with my husband.' Aguilera said.

Silverstone calls to promote healthy food

LOS ANGELES - Alicia Silverstone is encouraging Americans to get fresh with their senators.

The 31-year-old actress has recorded a voicemail message urging voters to call their representatives and ask them to support the FRESH amendment, which senators are set to consider this week.

'A good amendment to the Farm Bill, called the FRESH Act, will cut subsidies for unhealthy foods,' Silverstone says in the minute-long message, adding, 'Our kids need help.'

Hollywood writers strike

LOS ANGELES - Americans may be getting more sleep after Hollywood writers went on strike Monday and forced the nation's late-night talk shows to start airing reruns.

NBC said the 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' will immediately air repeats. The list of casualties included every other major late-night show.

The first strike by Hollywood writers in nearly 20 years got under way with noisy pickets on both coasts after last-minute negotiations on Sunday failed to produce a deal on payments to writers from shows offered on the Internet.