Our view: Make trip to the polls on Tuesday

With so much focus on presidential candidates who, for all intents and purposes, began campaigning nearly three years prior to that election, it could be easy to assume it's the only one that matters anytime soon. But that is far from the case.

On Tuesday, voters in Gwinnett and Barrow will have a number of weighty issues and offices to decide. The mayor's office is up for grabs in several cities, and numerous council seats in both counties' municipalities will be decided.

Besides choosing their leaders, voters will be given a choice Tuesday in deciding the fate of such referenda items as redevelopment powers, term limits and liquor by the drink.

Turnout at so-called off-year elections is typically low. But a lack of big war chests and TV soundbites on cable news should not lessen the importance of these elections.

What is decided Tuesday will determine what happens on the local level for years to come. With that in mind, we urge voters to take a break from the circus of the 2008 election and get to the polls to vote on the things that matter in 2007.

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