Two test positive for TB

LILBURN - The skin tests of two Rebecca Minor Elementary School students were positive for exposure to tuberculosis, public health officials said Friday.

The other 56 people tested - including three staff members - showed negative results, said Vernon Goins, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Health Department.

The number of positive cases was far below what health officials would expect if they randomly selected 100 people to be tested for the airborne disease, Goins said. Normally, about 10 percent of a population tests positive.

To have fewer than 10 percent of those selected at Minor Elementary test positive is "a really good sign," Goins said.

The two students who tested positive will be sent for chest X-rays, he said.

The student with the original suspected case of TB tested negative on her sputum test, he said.

No further testing is needed at the school, he said.