Dacula approves annexation without county objection

DACULA - Dacula city officials approved the city's first annexation application since a new state law went into effect Sept. 1. The new law requires a 30-day waiting period following an applicant's request for annexation to give counties the opportunity to object. The new law also outlines an arbitration process in the case that a county does object to an annexation request.

Gwinnett County officials did not object to applicant Jerry Johnson's request for his 4.28 acres on Harbins Road to be annexed into the Dacula city limits. Johnson has no plans to develop his property for any other use than single family residential. No one in the audience at Thursday night's City Council meeting raised any objections to the annexation.

Council members voted unanimously to approve the annexation. The property was also rezoned for single family residential use, Dacula's closest zoning designation to Gwinnett County's zoning of the same property.

Samuel McAllister filed an application for annexation Thursday night for 15.16 acres. McAllister plans to use the property for his residence. Gwinnett County officials will have 30 days to consider the annexation request and file any objections they may have.

Another rezoning was approved Thursday night for .31 acres on Harbins Road. Owner Kenneth Wilber, Jr., plans to use the existing 1200-square-foot structure on the property for a real estate appraisal office.

Sears store coming to Dacula

Council members voted to approve a change of zoning conditions on 3.98 acres that had previously been earmarked for a new Kroger store. Harrison Estates Corporation plans to build a Sears retail store on the property instead.

In 2005, 17 acres were rezoned in order to build a Kroger store and several smaller stores along Dacula Road across from Hebron Church. The remaining land, about 13 acres, will still be used for retail stores similar in architecture to the Cornerstone development.

The Sears retail store will sell appliances, mowers, some tools and other items.

Hebron Church Road to close temporarily next month

Hebron Church Road will be closed from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Dec. 5-7. The church plans to hold its "Christmas on the Corner" festival during these three days. Barricades will be erected near Dacula Road and Fence Road, and signs will be posted prior to Dec. 5 to alert the public.