Councilman follows complaint with lawsuit

SNELLVILLE - Councilman Robert Jenkins says the complaint lodged against him last month amounts to slander and stalking, and he is taking that to court.

Jenkins is seeking a restraining order against Joe Anderson as part of a lawsuit filed last week claiming "malicious defamation and stalking."

Anderson, a former councilman, filed a complaint with the city manager last month about Jenkins' relationship to a developer involved in a city project.

In the same letter, Anderson complained that Bruce Garraway, who was a councilman at the time, called Snellville police when he locked his keys in his car, and an officer left the city limits to unlock his door.

That complaint recently got Anderson involved in the upcoming election. Garraway, who is running for mayor, gave out Anderson's cell phone number as part of an automated message.

The complaint against Jenkins, who declined to comment, involved his residence in a neighborhood owned by Wayne Mason, who is seeking to build a senior-oriented development in the city.

"Politics in Snellville is at best convoluted as there is a group, which supports the present and immediate past former mayor of Snellville and those that support a less dictatorial type of government," the suit says.

Jenkins is seeking a temporary restraining order after Anderson took photos of his car, observed his movement in his house and described the contents of his garage in a complaint to Snellville's city manager, according to the lawsuit.

Anderson said he did not want to comment until he had spoken to an attorney.

"I will say that I am confident that the courts will throw this suit out," he wrote in an e-mail.

A Nov. 14 hearing has been set to hear the request for the restraining order.