Shake it up with salt, pepper finds

I know, I know. Doctors say that you should only eat sodium in small, moderate amounts. A simple dash of salt and tiny sprinkle of pepper, and your food should be all set.

That's well and good, but anyone who's shared a meal with me knows I usually add a few extra dashes and several extra sprinkles to my entrees.

Thanks to this flavor behavior, salt-and-pepper shakers are staples on my kitchen table. Here are a few of my coolest shaker finds.

•Sure, it looks like a big Tic-Tac container, but don't be fooled: There is nothing sweet or minty inside. Instead, the slight Swiss Spice shaker is filled with salt and pepper. The sleek salt-and-pepper shaker is perfect for Georgia summers - it completely locks out humidity, to avoid damp and clumpy salt.

Split with salt on one side, pepper on the other, the container features two caps with different shapes, so telling the two apart is a snap. Made of resilient, water-resistant materials, the Swiss Spice shaker is practically indestructible and can be used at the table, on camping trips or for office-time munchies. Retailing for $15, the shaker is sold at REI and online at www.swiss-spice.us.

•Whether you're suffering from fatigue, broken wrists or plain old laziness, the Movers and Shakers Self-Shaking Salt and Pepper Shakers are the cure. Save your strength and season your food by pulling the cord and letting it work its shaking magic. The shakers contain a miniature gearbox that operates with a simple pull of the string, so no batteries are needed. Available in a variety of bright colors, a pair of shakers retails for $10.95 at Amazon.com and select home stores.

•No doubt about it, salt and pepper were made for each other. These lifelong pals show their affection in the form of a warm embrace with the Hug Salt and Pepper Set. From artist Alberto Mantilla, the black and white porcelain shakers look like two characters affectionately embracing. Retailing for $25, the lovable shakers can be ordered from the Museum of Modern Art online at www.momastore.org or by calling 1-800-447-6662.

•Rock salt and ground pepper are favorite ingredients for chefs, and with Chef'N's Salt Ball and Pepperball, both of these gourmet tastes can be featured in your kitchen. The stainless SavvyGrip handles can be easily squeezed with one hand, and the adjustable grinders feature five different levels of coarseness.

Chef'N also produces the Bistro Grind Combo Grinder, which puts salt and pepper side by side for ultra convenience. While the salt and pepper balls are clear and black, the combo grinder comes in an array of colors, including avocado, cherry and apricot. The balls retail for $15.99 each, and the combo grinder is $17.99. Both are sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdale's and The Cook's Warehouse.

Anna Ferguson is a Lifestyle writer for the Daily Post. E-mail her at anna.ferguson@gwinnettdailypost.com.