Letters to the Editor

'Ted Kennedy' Republicans selling out party's ideals

When I saw in your paper that Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson agreed to an immigration deal with Sen. Edward Kennedy, it made me sick ("Millions could win legal status under plan blessed by key lawmakers, Bush, World&Nation, May 18).

Don't get me wrong: I believe in immigration, just legal immigration. A better solution would be to allow 3 million to 4 million legal immigrants to our country per year, enforce the laws we already have, force illegal aliens back to their home country where they can register to re-enter this country legally, and, finally, close down the borders to better keep any terrorists out.

I'm getting tired of these "Ted Kennedy Republicans" selling out true Republican ideas. If it wasn't for the war on terrorism and one-time tax cut, I would say President Bush and these "Ted Kennedy Republicans" behave more like Democrats than Republicans.

- Wayne Rowan

Dacula Carter right to criticize Bush

It seems it has always been an unwritten policy that presidents and former presidents don't criticize each other.

Well, that was before George W. Bush and a policy of preemptive war. Now that Bush and company have brought America's standing in the world to a new low, former president Jimmy Carter can no longer sit in silence. I applaud the former president for his courageous stand even going as far as calling Bush's foreign policy the worst ever.

I would like to see more of our current and former leaders take a stand and speak up. We the American people cannot wait 19 months for a regime change.

President Clinton, it is your turn to speak.

- Kurt Schwanemann

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