Barrow BOC to consider rezonings, impact fee study

WINDER - Is Barrow County ready to implement impact fees? Barrow County Commissioners will consider in Tuesday's commission meeting whether to continue with the impact fee study, for which they paid Ross and Associates $22,608.

Impact fees are a one-time payment usually paid by the builder, who passes the fee on to the buyer in the buildings' cost.

They can only be used for capital facilities, such as water supply treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, stormwater collection, roads, streets, bridges, parks, open space, police, fire, emergency rescue facilities and libraries. They cause those financial burdens to be shared by the city, county, homebuyer and business owner.

Impact fees do not fund schools.

Rezoning for mobile home

Irene and Robert Holman are requesting rezoning of 2 acres at 906 Arch Tanner Road from agricultural zoning to residential. A mobile home stands on the property and they plan to subdivide the acreage in to 1-acre tracts to accommodate a second mobile home. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezoning.

Upgrades to Victor Lord Park soccer field

Barrow County Commissioners will consider whether to spend almost $28,000 on fencing and almost $169,000 on clearing and grading for the soccer field.