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Romney needs more than a tax cut to become president

State Rep. Mark Burkhalter's guest column ("Romney the best hope for a fiscal conservative president," May 19, Perspective) was a wakeup call for me. Let me see now if I "get it."

We are in the midst of a bloody war in Iraq and toying with the possibility of taking on Iran in the near future. Global warming is happening despite the denials of self-serving idiots who believe its a Democratic plot to rule the world. Gas prices are out of sight while oil companies are reaping outrageous profits.

All this is going on and Burkhalter is telling us that Mitt Romney is going to ride in on his white charger weilding the only weapons the conservative right ever seems to have in its arsenal - the promise of lower taxes and smaller government.

No intelligent person has any doubts about who would benefit most from tax cuts. And as for smaller governmnent? Consider the existing size of the present government under a Republican administration and permit me to rest my case.

Romney could very well be a man to take seriously as a presidential contender, but he'd better have something more going for him than a desire to a cut taxes and reduce spending. That won't make much of an impact on global warming and put an end to global conflict.

George Morin


Isakson, Chambliss broke promises on immigration

Our two senators, Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, have sold us down the river and have broken their solumn promises that they would never allow an amnesty for the 12 to 25 million illegal aliens in our country. Our two lovely senators have agreed to an immigration bill that will effectively allow more than 98 percent of all illegal aliens to remain in our country forever and will almost certainly open the doors for untold millions of extended family members to come join them. The final vote will be Monday.

In spite of their promises that "triggers" would first require that strict enforcement be accomplished before any amnesty would be given, the new legislation will effectively make any supposed triggers ineffective and meaningless. This horrendous bill has more loopholes than a ton of swiss cheese and effectively makes our national soverignty and borders meaningless. As a former immigration inspector with the INS, I already recognize that the fraud rate of the failed 1986 amnesty will be repeated when the maximum number of those we were promised increased over sixfold.

Just what is there that is so corrupting in the water of Washington? Either Isakson and Chambliss have been snookered by President Bush or we have been snookered by Isakson and Chambliss.

Ernest Wade

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